Why do you need a Classic Car appraisal?

Much like buying a new home, purchasing or owning a Classic Car for most of us is a big investment, likely second to your home.


Most savvy buyers do not buy a new home without a pre-purchase home inspection and appraisal, so why would anyone make a major investment like purchasing a classic car without a similar inspection and appraisal?


If, like many of us, you find the car of your dreams on E Bay or on-line website, you are likely hesitant to make a purchase based solely on the seller’s word and photos.


Many people either simply pass on the chance of owning their dream car, or have been duped by sellers that are either not reputable, or conveniently leave out the bad parts in their ad. Don’t let this happen to you!


If you are looking to buy a Classic Car, already own one, or are getting ready to sell yours, let Classic Car Specialties provide you with a comprehensive, informative, and affordable detailed evaluation and appraisal.


All appraisals by Classic Car Specialties are performed by our on staff multi-time show winning restorer and ASCAA Certified appraiser, Len Sabato.


Len's experience, craftsmanship abilities, as well as his attention to details can help you evaluate your classic before or after purchase, or provide you with an ASCAA certified appraisal to obtain proper insurance coverage and peace of mind for the next time you are just out cruising in your pride and joy.

On Site appraisals by our ASCAA certified appraisers are offered for vehicles located in the states of Illinois and Indiana only.

For appraisals of vehicles located outside of these states, please order our Remote Appraisals here:






















Appraisal can be used to determine:

  • Proper Insurance coverage levels or documentation for replacement value insurance


  • Pre-Purchase Vehicle inspection and value assessment


  • Pre-E Bay/Craigslist/Internet inspection and value assessment


  • Pre-Sale Vehicle inspection and value assessment


  • Post-accident diminished value assessment


  • Valuation for Financing


  • Valuation for pending Court/ Litigation


Our appraisals are ideal for anyone wanting to buy, sell, or insure a Classic Car



In most cases, a Classic Car Specialties appraisal can save you the cost of the appraisal or more by:

  • Making sure you are not paying more for a vehicle than it is worth


  • Helping determine the actual vehicle value so you are not insuring a vehicle for more than its actual or replacement value


  • Helping you establish the fair market value for your classic so you are not selling your vehicle for less than it might actually be worth.

In addition, if the subject vehicle is found to need work or repairs during the appraisal, we can provide you with a “to do” list of needed repairs, and also possibly direct you to a shop or person that is best qualified to perform the needed repairs.

So, regardless if you are Buying, Selling, or Insuring a Classic, let Classic Car Specialties help you Protect, Support, and Enhance your Classic Car Experience.

Just a 3 page sampling of our comprehensive 20+ page report

Order Your Appraisal  Now  email: len@classiccarspecialties.com